The importance of editing (plus some online tools)

2 May

En la luna de Babel

There are a wide variety of hurdles one must jump over when one attempts to write academic work as an ESL student. At high levels of education, perfect grammar and spelling are simply understood to be necessary, along with proper use of terminology, syntax, vigorous checking for malapropos, and other faux pas for professional writing. Standards of excellence in all academic fields include the ability to communicate in the language of the intended target audience. This is just a bare scratch of the surface of why everyone, especially ESL and other foreign language learners, should have their work carefully processed and checked, both manually and through automatic services.

Linguo Maybe Linguo can help as well.

University students rely heavily on their peers for support and assistance, even in the most competitive fields. There are fewer better sources of knowledge than those individuals closely working alongside you to reach the same…

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